Puppy power!

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with my dog. Kai is a 6-year-old female Dogo Argentino and she means a world to me. Therefore, when I first thought of crocheting an amigurumi dog, it just had to be a tiny version of her.  

Good base for different breeds of dogs can be found in Japanese books Ami Ami Dogs 1, 2 & 3 by Mitsuki Hoshi. If you are not into Japanese language and crochet diagrams, it may seem a bit difficult to understand the instructions. However, once you figure one out, the rest will be much easier. If you want your amigurumi puppy to look like your actual dog you can easily make the adjustments for different types of dogs and add some of their individual characteristics. 

I made tiny Kai with 100% acrylic yarn and 2mm crochet hook. She measures 7cm tall and 7cm long. 

Last week I finally got the chance to make another amigurumi dog. I got the request to make a Corgi. This time I wanted it to be slightly bigger so I used 3mm hook. At the end, it measured 10cm tall and 8cm long.